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Lease Packages Include the following

  •  All maintenance and repairs (excluding accidental damage).

  •  Free tyre replacement on normal wear and tear. This would not include punctures.

  •  Complete breakdown service - 24 hour nationwide which would also include support for puncture call out service.

  •  Full service and maintenance programme to RSA Standards

  •  Collection and Delivery of the vehicle for scheduled maintenance in the greater Dublin area

  •  All maintenance lubricants.

  •  Road tax.

  •  Annual CVRT certification. Two-year tacho calibration (where required)

  •  Free replacement vehicle support from our rental fleet.

  •  Additional trucks and vans for your peak periods at special rates.

  •  Vans/Trucks supplied in standard factory white. Painting (if required) and sign writing can be arranged and the cost spread over of the period of the lease if so desired.


The many advantages of the Dan Ryan Contract Lease Programme include


  •  No capital investment and improved cash flow.

  •  No further lost management time in dealing with breakdowns organising repairs and scheduling services.

  •  Dan Ryan maintain all vehicle records to NRA and NSAI standards removing this headache from management and ensuring full compliance.

  •  Dan Ryan supply service schedules and will advise as each service draws near.

  •  Additional company tax benefits.

  •  The support of this programme allows for confidence in executing your business

  •  It allows for certainty in planning and budgeting

Whats included in a Contract Lease?

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